June 15, 2006

Catholic Charities Victims of Homosexual Discrimination

I want to take you back several years when the gay rights movement was really getting into full swing and they were beginning to make in-roads, especially here in New England and Maine. Every time an objection would be put forward concerning another round of equal rights discussions, discrimination in hiring etc. there was always a hat tip to those who would raise objections on the grounds that it would force religious organizations to violate their rights to belief and doctrine. The invariable reply would always be, “There will be an exemption for anyone and any organization that would exclude them from any law that would force them to violate their religious beliefs.
Guys like me back then said “Horse Pucky!” It was just a smoke screen and once something became a law, it would only be a matter of time until those religious exemptions would also be anathema.
Well, blast it all I hate being right all the time!
In the city of our neighbors to our south, Boston Catholic Charities will be closing their doors on June 30th and guess why?
Because even though they have the highest placement record of putting children with adoptive homes, the church refuses to place children with homosexual couples—a clear violation of Catholic faith and dogma. But when perversion is sacrosanct, everyone else’s rights are inconsequential. Massachusetts state law now requires all agencies—religious or otherwise-- to place children with same sex couples or else!
If you do not sign on to what for centuries has been deemed perverse and aberrant behavior, you will be discriminated against! The message is clear as a bell and always has been. You cannot discriminate against homosexuals but we can discriminate against you!
Ah, how wonderful the world is becoming day by day. I have said it often and I say it again, Jeremiah warned of the day when evil is called good, and good is called evil.
Folks, we are in that day! Enjoy!


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