June 09, 2006

Certified Miracle Worker?

Periodically someone will hand me a “letter” they have received through the mail making all kinds of promises, plastering the appeal for money—which is always the purpose of the letter—with all manner of “god-speak.” “God-speak” is religious sounding language that is supposed to give a ring of holiness, a ring of legitimacy to the letter but it is invariably fit only for the shredder.

In front of me in one such letter from someone who calls herself “Miss Elizabeth.” Her letter head is quite humorous. Under her name are her credentials though I use that word lightly.

Among other things, this charlatan promises 100% proven results, Instant Everlasting results, says she has “instant solutions to difficult problems, calls herself the “Lost Cause Specialist” and my favorite of all—she is a “Certified Miracle Worker!”

I’m still trying to figure out how and where one becomes a “CMW.”

Anyway, Miss Elizabeth “swears to God” that she won’t fail you and can solve your problem(s) in 36 hours or less! The price for Miss Elizabeth’s guaranteed intervention? A mere $25!

Like I said I get a kick out of this stuff but it’s really not funny because hundreds perhaps thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of fairly intelligent people actually fall for this stuff. Face it, the psychic industry is flourishing and while people may sluff off their reading of their horoscope as just fun, they still find themselves mindful of what their good days and bad days might be for certain decisions.

So it baffles me when a cogent, intelligent, reasoned explanation of historical documents recounting the history of the middle east or Asia is dismissed out of hand as being mythology or superstition. Then they run home, to dive into the Celestine Prophecy, Dyanetics, or The DaVinci Code telling themselves, “Ya know this really rings true.”

I’ve learned you can’t make sense of it because it’s nonsense. The Lord gives people up to their own nonsensical thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

So our response is not to try and figure it out, ours is simple to be ready to give account of the hope that lies within. The rest is up to the Lord.


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