May 31, 2006

The Preferred Status of Islam???

We are all aware of the increasingly preferred status of Islam over and above all other religions but you’re probably not aware of the Islamic term for it called “dhimmi.”

When the Muslims were on their crusades to convert or kill, they actually allowed for the non-conversion of what they called “people of the book” referring to Christians and Jews. They were allowed to maintain their religion as long as they accepted the status of “dhimmi.”

Dhimmis are protected non-Muslims who must subject themselves to various humiliating regulations as well as paying a special tax in order to maintain that protected status. They were officially second-class citizens and while they could retain their religion, they were limited to what extent that religion could be practiced.

Well, dhimmitude is alive and well and growing in all the new “homelands” where Islam is becoming entrenched.

For example, numerous Western nations have enacted “anti-vilification laws” to prohibit offending Islam. This is done under the guise of multiculturalism, but is nothing more than dhimmitude and its growing.

Two pastors in Australia were found guilty of violating such laws because they had read parts of the Koran and talked about Islam being a false religion.

According to World Magazine a European jean company produces pants with derogatory slogans about Christians and Hindus but none are planned to ridicule Islam.

South Park—the wretched and vile cartoon popular with so many of our unsupervised Cretans called kids, and adolescent men stuck in arrested development--blocked out a depiction of Muhammad in one scene of the obnoxious cartoon but of course left intact, the disgusting scene with Jesus, an American flag and President Bush.

Dhimmitude is coming—or has come—to a town near you. Locally, we saw this played out in the Morning Sentinel when they recently ran a column by Colby Professor/transvestite J.F. Boylan poking fun at Christianity using the DaVinci Code affair allowing Boylan to muse about the sequel. It was tongue in cheek; and blasphemous.

The point being, such a column would NEVER be run about Islam. That’s dhimmitude and as the writer of the World article states, “Islam becoming a privileged religion over all the rest makes dhimmis of us all.


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