June 09, 2006

ACLU Excells At Hypocrisy

Monday I told you about the ACLU is only for free speech when it serves their purposes. I mentioned specifically how they have forbidden members of their own organization to speak about some of their dissatisfaction with the organization.

Today in a late breaking update, this hypocritical conglomeration of lawyers is now trying to curb the free speech rights of those who believe in protecting the life of a baby.

It started when a handful in Congress put forth HR 5052 which would have prevented pregnancy centers from producing what she called false advertising. Now mind you there wasn’t a single example given of false advertising but Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. wants to ban them from even using the word “abortion.”

It has little support except for ardent pro-abortion groups and of course the upstanding freedom fighters of the ACLU.
In the story presented by Citizen Link Magazine, “Nat Hentoff, a syndicated columnist and former ACLU board member, said the ACLU endorsement is ‘a really extraordinary mistake.’"
"What about the First Amendment?" he said. Advocacy for abortion rights routinely overshadows support for free speech at the ACLU, Hentoff told the Sun Times of Chicago. "It's a problem the ACLU has had for years."

Indeed it is. The ACLU is no more committed to free speech than any other lobbying organization that has stated goals which it seeks to see fulfilled come hell or high water. If that means trampling on someone’s right to speak freely—if they disagree with the values of the ACLU—too bad.

At the heart of this organization is an ideology that is soulless, immoral and especially against Biblical Christians which certainly explains why many call the ACLU the “Anti-Christian Liberties Union.”


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