June 09, 2006

Latest Dignostic Excuse For Poor Behavior

Well are you ready for the latest dumbing down of personal responsibility? You have probably already heard of the latest malady that afflicts “far more people than we ever thought.”
It is of course Intermittent Explosive Disorder! I am not making this up. This is now the “clinical” diagnosis of people who have lost any sense of patience, civility or propriety and go into a rage in traffic.
When I first heard this I thought it was a joke, but in our incessant pursuit of eliminating personal responsibility in every sphere of life, we can now be comforted by the fact that when I wildly blow my horn and my top, I’m not to blame! I am a victim of IED. And it has to be true because we have “scientific” evidence for it.
IED supposedly affects an imbalance in brain chemicals. But let me clue you into something about cause and effect. Any imbalance in brain chemicals may very well be the result of the anger management problem, NOT the cause.

The Scriptures advise, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” Good counsel because if you don’t, unresolved anger ravages your body and that includes the delicate balance of neuro-transmitters in your brain. So what is being labeled as the cause, is more likely the result.

Truth be told, we are an increasingly angry nation for all kinds of reasons. And when anger is not properly resolved, it festers and infects until, ka-boom! If you combine that with the fact that virtually all restraints have been removed in the proper care and management of one’s emotions, IED is seen to be the consequence of seeking peace and contentment through all manner of idolatrous pursuits.

God, in a severe mercy, allows such pursuits to frustrate, and yes—anger—hopefully to drive us to Him—the only remedy to life’s frustrations.

But more seem to prefer to take comfort with a medical diagnosis which can be treated with—of course, more drugs!

But all we really need is one giant national paddling and we might just be smacked out of what is nothing more than the arrested development of a nation stewing in perpetual adolescence. Excuse me now while I go over to my timeout chair and hold my breath—Whaaa!


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