June 09, 2006

The ACLU Does It Again

It’s that time of year when the ACLU is out in force policing the country side, scouring the halls of education to make sure no one utters the dreaded “G” word—unless of course it is offered as an expletive.

Derrick Ping, says when he heard someone might utter a prayer at his school’s graduation he just wasn’t comfortable. Enter the crusaders of the ACLU who brandish laws, some real, some made up, flailing their swords at the windmills of religion determined to exterminate the pesky Creator of the universe.

Thanks to the brave souls of the ACLU, many people were spared having to listen to a prayer by the senior-class Chaplain, Megan Chapman. Russell County High School in Kentucky buckled to a federal judge at the behest of the ACLU, ordering she not give her prayer at the assembly. This violation of the constitutional right to free speech is almost the only acceptable proscription to speech that is demanded. Well, there is one other!

When some members of the ACLU started complaining about certain elements of the organization they didn’t like, and began to speak about it—publicly—the ACLU administrative officers forbid anyone to uh, SPEAK freely!

That’s right—the guardians of free speech aren’t so keen on that right when it may do them harm. No, to the ACLU free speech is only good when it serves the purposes of the organization.

Well, can we really say we are surprised? Not if you know anything about these disgusting, soulless entities. Oh sure, they have done some good things to be sure; shoot, even the Devil will perform miraculous healings on a person if it will advance his cause.

But the Lord has sense of humor so instead of the student body listening to one young lady recite a prayer, attendants--including I assume Derrick Ping—had to listen to 200 students recite the Lord’s prayer instead.

Take that you sorry hypocrites and while you’re at it, I suggest you read Psalm 2—Now while you’re still breathing.


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