May 31, 2006

Hey Christian; Take Responsibility For Your Spiritual Journey!

Lately I have been getting my shorts in a knot over what seems to be an essentially incessant critiquing of “The Church” as it relates to various people groups the church is either not reaching, or not reaching well, or why this type of person or that type of person has bailed on church. Now what is really getting under my skin is that invariably the problem is always “The Church” and the solutions always fall on “The Church.” Which really means, the problem is that the pastors are not doing something they should, or they are doing something they shouldn’t. The express accusation is that if the pastors were just doing things right, everyone would be beating down your doors and if “everyone” isn’t, we need to change something(s).

Admittedly, I am not exactly unbiased in this given that I am the leader of a substantial church but that does not disqualify me from making some objective, Biblically astute observations. So let’s try and get a grip here and admit that as Americans, we are so entrenched in consumerism, that I’m afraid we don’t even see it when it is ruling all that is holy.

So last week, the latest installation in the “blame the church” game, is that men don’t come to church because it is “too feminine.” Uh, “HELLO!” There’s no gender confusion on this man’s part! And I’m sorry if men aren’t comfortable singing songs that use words like “love” and “beauty” and “kindness” but I haven’t heard to many songs of adoration that talk about sitting around and “…burping with Jesus, Cuz He’s the one Who pleases…” or “When I worship you I linger, Here’s a good one Lord pull my finger…” Words that convey ideas of reverence and praise tend to be emotional but guess what? God IS emotional, and its HIS language, HIS idea.

So here’s a wake up call to all who see themselves as a special interest group in the church. All you “Singles” all you “divorcee’s” all you “30 some things” all you “College and Career” types and all you men: One day YOU will stand before the Lord of all heaven and Earth and you will run by Him, all your lame excuses and whining about why you don’t come to church. And based on having read God’s word now about 25 times cover to cover, I don’t think God is going to be real sympathetic and blame “the church” because they didn’t cater to your special—All American—interest group.

In fact, I’m certain of it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!


Blogger trainguy said...

Well heck, there goes my last excuse.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Within the past few months, I did take some time out from regular attendance at "Church" to assess where I wanted my spiritual journey to take me.

I had become disallusioned with the body and its apathetic nature and I was feeling very distant from the people who attended.

I left the church for approximately 8 weeks.

While I was away, something amazing happened. My family kept in contact with me. Not my biological family--that would truly be a miracle...

My brothers and sisters at the church.

I was not attending regular Sunday morning services, but they didn't question me. We still got together and fellowshiped...It was amazing. I even developed a lot of new friendships during that time.

Sadly, the small group that I had been attending for over a year dissipated during those months, and each family went, not only their seperate ways but on to other churches.

I found my family at my current church, and decided to continue my spirtual journey right where I was at.

10:49 PM  

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