May 29, 2006

Anna Quindlen's Commencment Address Was Hideous

Tis the season of vapid, boring, cliché and useless commencement speeches—yawn, but while I’m on the subject, I am going to take Anna Quindlen’s advice from her address to this year’s graduates of Colby College. I am going to—as she commanded-- speak without fear!
Quindlen’s address as reported in the Sentinel was characteristically tripe. Worst still, she ripped off one little phrase, built her speech around it, and then showed her abject ignorance by telling everyone that her statement “Be not afraid” referred to speaking up and speaking out and that it came from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. “She called it ‘a simple directive, an old and honorable one ... really the secret of life.’"
Obviously Quindlens accomplishments have not included reading the Bible…

When the Scriptures admonish us to “Be not afraid,” it is in the context of having a righteous and holy God who is on the side of the righteous and holy people who love and worship Him. It has nothing to do--as she asserted—with blowing off everyone—including the parents who paid for their children’s opportunity to ingest this sewage; and, everything--including civility, honor, goodness, gentleness and Truth. Being your own person and doing your own thing is the supreme virtue in Quindlen’s world.

"’The voices of conformity speak so loudly out there. Don't listen," Quindlen admonished. "People will tell you what you ought to think and how you ought to feel. They will tell you what to read and how to live.’”

Which means every virile, male who has ever used and abused some young female and has abandoned the same leaving the young woman to bear the pain, the scars, and the products of conception by herself, can thank Ms. Quindlen for her wretched life counsel. They have done exactly as she advised.

Feminism rears its ignorant, wicked head yet again and the greatest victims of all, besides the aborted babies, are the ravaged young women themselves. How proud you must be Anna—or hadn’t you thought through the logical outcome of your evil advice?

Is it surprising that Quindlen’s advice is exactly what devastated the world? Adam and Eve lived precisely what she counseled; “No one is going to tell us what to do; not even God…”

I am glad I am not in Ms. Quindlen’s shoes for there will be a day of reckoning.


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