June 09, 2006

United Methodists Call To Impeach Bush

Back in the days of William Jefferson Clinton, and others before him, the Foundry United Methodist Church was the church of choice of numerous presidents, most with a particular politic bent we would call “liberal.” Over the years, dignitaries and politicians have assumed the pulpit of this 501C-3 organization regularly and with abandon, violated IRS code for tax exempt organizations.
The law is specific as to what churches may and may not do. This church as I said, has routinely violated the law with impunity.
Last week, the United Methodist Church's chief social-issues spokesman, the Rev. Jim Winkler, said Congress should impeach President Bush "to advance the kingdom of God."
I don’t know, but it seems like he added the “to advance the kingdom of God” seemingly to spiritualize his political statement. To be fair, the statement by itself is not a violation of the church’s 501-C-3 status but the rest of the picture probably is somewhere along the line.
Besides that, I don’t know what Winkler’s idea of the Kingdom of God is, but the biblical one doesn’t include standing by while terrorists blow up your cities and behead your citizens. But then, knowing that would require the liberal leadership (there is a God-fearing segment of the Methodist church) to actually have read their Bibles. That is something they abandoned years ago, or so it seems.
Did you know that United Methodist church maintains an office in Washington to house it’s own lobbyist? Now I am assuming that has been done with legal counsel and is probably a separate branch from the church per se but the point is, the United Methodist Church is up to its neck in politics which is its prerogative—as along as it is abiding by the tax code to maintain its tax exempt status.
Ironically, they are among the first to squawk when a church of a conservative bent says anything at all of a political nature. Apparently what’s good for the goose isn’t too good for the gander!


Blogger PaulTarsus said...

Apparently the U.M.C. (referring to this organization as ''church'' , in the true Biblical sense , is a misnomer) is exercising ''church discipline'' upon President Bush and Vice Pres. Dick Cheney.


What is really confusing is that Pres. Bush is a member of George W. Bush, Park Hill United Methodist Church (UMC) in Dallas, Texas,which is taking this ''disciplinary action'' against a member.

While I agree with your comments I am still befuddled why George W. Bush , a professing ''born-again christian'' would continue to remain a member of this dead , apostate organization.

I simply cannot comprehend a regenerated child of God being able to do this.

12:07 PM  
Blogger PaulTarsus said...

''..What is really confusing is that Pres. Bush is a member of Park Hill United Methodist CHurch (UMC) in Dallas , Texas.''.....

12:09 PM  
Blogger Causal said...

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