June 01, 2005

The Always Tolerant Left is True to Form

Well, the tolerant left is just as tolerant as ever. Dr. Timothy Shortell was recently elected the head of the department of Sociology at Brooklyn College; that would be the publicly funded Brooklyn College.

In an on-line posting he wrote, “religious adherents" are "an ugly, violent lot" and "in the name of their faith these moral retards are running around pointing fingers and doing real harm to others."

Though Shortell refused to talk with the media he subsequently wrote in the on-line forum that "we should be able to debate the issue in the public sphere without fear of retribution."

I have to say I agree with the Professor. The problem is, it is guys like Shortell who would be the very FIRST to seek reprisals if it was a conservative religious professor in another publicly funded school saying the same thing about someone like him, and therein is where the real problem lies.

These lost liberals, who are truly the ones so full of hatred and insecurity, will never support the idea of an even playing field. We have daily examples of that playing out all across the country. Homosexuals can say whatever they want about anyone who speaks out against homosexuality but not the other way around. The newspapers across this land regularly defame and pillory Christians with impunity, but let it happen the other way around and watch the fury of hell erupt. A professor can trash and demean and criticize religion and people who are religious, but let someone take up the cause of religion and watch all hell break lose with the regular but vapid war cry of separation of church and state.

If Prof. Shortell is serious about debate in the public arena I say let’s dance; but he doesn’t mean it; they never do because down inside buried beneath the years of an apostate faith, they know they haven’t a leg to stand on and so they spew forth their venom, and name calling and hide in cyberspace then play the victim of intolerance.

Give me a break; let’s take the gloves off and let the market place of ideas weed out the warped and wicked. I’m willing to let her rip, how about you?


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