May 17, 2005

Who Does Homosexuality Hurt?

I hate to keep harping on the various issues surrounding the purveyors of perversion but the fact remains that homosexuality is one of the most pressing social issues of our day.

One of the big talking points of homosexuals is that who they want to love is not hurting anyone so why don’t we just mind our own business.

The fact is homosexual sex is hurting many people not the least of which is the homosexuals themselves. Did you know that the average life expectancy of the gay male is 43 years of age? The average life expectancy of the heterosexual male is about 73.

Now let’s talk about minding our own business. It is estimated that the average smoker forfeits 8 years of their life and that doesn’t include the diminished quality of life during the years they are alive. That is why the government made it their business to educate people away from the dangers of smoking.

Heart disease is a huge killer as well and while I don’t know what the average number of years of life forfeited are, I know it isn’t any where near the 30 years homosexuals give up and yet the government has made it their business to educate people away from poor diet that exacerbates such disease.

The point is, any behavior that reduces one’s life expectancy by 30 years ought to be public health interest number one and that means educating people away from homosexual behavior rather than bringing it into our schools and encouraging kids to explore their sexuality and even encouraging and facilitating their pursuit of behaviors that will rob them of 30 years of life.

But beyond the homosexual being harmed what about all the other people infected by HIV through blood transfusions, and the millions of HIV babies. And yes it is true that homosexual behavior is not the only behavior that perpetuates the disease but it certainly is a big one and if this were any other disease born out of a particular behavior, the government would be doing everything it can to stop those behaviors.

But when it comes to homosexual sex, our society is blind, deaf and dumb being kowtowed by the forces of wickedness. We must stop every attempt to advance this lifestyle no matter how legitimate the reasons seem. There is no more discrimination against homosexuals in this state than there is against people who are obese; in fact it’s less, much less, and yet they receive special legislation to protect them against a discrimination that barely exists.


Blogger TwoandFive said...

Statistics 101: Correlation does not imply causation. Black men have a shorter life expectancy than white men by about 7 years. By your logic, being black is a health risk and we should warn against its dangers. The reason(s) blacks and homosexuals may have shorter life spans have nothing to do with their race or sexual orientation, but more likely have to do with: diet, poverty, reduced access to health care, lack of social support, promiscuity, unsafe sex, depression b/c of discrimination, etc.

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