May 20, 2005

Let the Criticism of Judges Continue

Federal Judge Joan Lefkow testified before the Federal legislature imploring Congress to provide better security for federal judges and said Washington needs to stop making disparaging remarks about judges. Lefkow’s husband and mother were murdered in her home when Bart Ross entered the home to kill Judge Lefkow.

Ross, it seems was an embittered electrician who filed a malpractice case that was presented to Lefkow for ruling. Ross had part of his jawbone removed in an operation which left him significantly disfigured. Having seen a picture of Ross, it seems he had cause for complaint.

So when Lefkow dismissed his case-- which was by her admission, the end of his road for finding any kind of satisfaction through the courts, he sought revenge.

Now, don’t misunderstand my remarks; Ross, who later killed himself, was obviously a murderer and not justified in his vengeance in anyway shape, or form. But the problem is not Washington or anyone else making remarks about the out of control manner judges are conducting themselves.

By way of example, as I write this, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon declared Nebraska’s voter-approved marriage amendment unconstitutional after a challenge by two homosexual advocacy groups.

The judge said the amendment, which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, "imposes significant burdens on both the expressive and intimate associational rights" of homosexuals…” That’s odd, I thought he said it was unconstitutional yet there is nothing in the constitution that gives perversion a right to protection. So here again a single, unelected judge has usurped the rights of the people of Nebraska.

There needs to be an outcry; there needs to be disparaging remarks about activist judges who make up their own laws by fiat. So with my sympathies to Judge Lefkow, the answer isn’t to stop the criticism of wayward judges, it is for judges to start familiarizing themselves with something called the rule of law and making decisions that are JUST not merely legal.

When technicalities and loop holes become the key to winning lawsuits rather than right and wrong, society is upended and people go berserk. It’s called reaping what we sow. And I rest my case.


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