May 17, 2005

Maine Senator's liberal tendencies hurt the State

Sometimes we have to look beyond the purview of the immediate decision to consider the repercussions of that decision. Thinking seriously is something Americans in general are not used to doing. We would much rather be told what to do, what to think, and how to act. Some call it the herd mentality but as people indwelt by the Spirit of God who not only sanctifies our bodies but our minds as well, we need to do a better job of thinking through the issues of our day.

Case in point, we have two senators who are supposed to represent the people who voted them into office. Yet our two senators are known in Washington as moderates which in my opinion is another name for a liberal who has a few inconstant tendencies toward certain conservative ideas, usually in the area of economics.

So by this time, the decision of which military bases and naval shipyards will be closed may have already been decided and I am praying that Maine escapes those cuts. Heaven knows we don’t have much left in this state to keep it afloat financially.

Sen. Snowe has already gone on record saying she will vote with against the President’s prerogative to nominate judges by voting with the opposing party to not allow the termination of filibusters to preclude up or down votes on the president’s nominees. While Sen. Collins has not made her view known at this recording, it is expected that she will follow suit.

Here’s my point; I too have some reluctance about the so-called nuclear option but our Senator’s are part of a team called Republicans. And in Washington, one hand washes another. So as decision makers are deciding which bases to close in which states, don’t think for a second that the way our senators vote on other matters does not affect the future decisions for or against our state. Washington is known to punish those who step outside party ranks. That’s just part of the whole game.

Which means, our senator’s reluctance to follow the party ideology puts you and I in a precarious position with respect to tall the other things we derive from the federal government. Remember that if Bath Iron works takes a hit and Brunswick Naval Air or Portsmouth naval shipyards are closed. It will be our senator’s responsibility in a big way for pushing their own liberal ideologies.


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