May 26, 2005

Koran Desecration? What About Bible Desecration?

The Rev. Creighton Lovelace, made national news last week for the sign he posted on his church’s property. The sign read, “The Koran needs to be flushed!” Lovelace also reportedly stomped a copy of the Koran showing the wrinkled book to reporters saying, Jesus said only His word is holy making everything else unholy.
Now forgetting for the moment that the pastor’s conduct was a bit imbecilic, let’s not overlook the fact that while his actions were unwise, in my estimation, not serving any kind of redemptive or pre-redemptive purpose, his assessment of the Koran is accurate.
But with all the hype over the desecrated Koran at Git Mo which apparently never took place, is the demand for respect of the Muslim religion reciprocated with a like respect fro the Bible?
The answer is a resounding, no. Ali Al-Ahmed writing in the May 20, Wall Street Journal noted this hypocrisy. Whereas the Muslim heritage and relgion is taught, studied, and put on display in American museums, he wrote, in Saudi Arabia for example, having a Bible in one’s possession is not even allowed. Quoting Al-Ahmed, the director of the Saudi Institute in Washington, he writes, “the Saudi government burns and desecrates Bibles that its securtiy forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or during raids on Christian expatriates worshipping privately.”
In fact owning a Bible in Saudi Arabia may get a person killed (like Sadeq Mallallah) or arrested or deported.

The Saudi embassy and other Saudi organizations in Washington have distributed hundreds of thousands of Qurans and even many Muslim books that have libeled Christians…” So he concludes by writing, “…the lesson here is simple: If Muslins wish other religions to respect their beliefs and their holy book, they should lead by example.”

How come we don’t read this kind of balanced thoughtful information in our newspapers? Instead we read the same old tripe about how hateful and horrible Christians are. Some over-the-top Christian somewhere makes one misstep that amounts to a stubbed toe and it makes the front page of national news and lasts for days; while a Muslim cuts off heads, or blows up babies and is proud of it, and if it makes the press at all it is buried deep within the bowels of the particular rag.

Sports fans, we are living in the last days; I hope you’re ready.


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