May 17, 2005

Hate Speech Double Standard Apparent Again!

I’m looking at a political cartoon that ran in the Saturday May 7th Sentinel.
Here’s the text;
Husband rants--
“These liberal activist judges must be stopped!”
Wife interrupts-- “Uh, Dear, I’ve been doing some research on that…”
“In the Terri Schiavo case the judges were not being activist they were merely following Florida law…”
“The majority of judges on the Supreme Court and most appeals courts are already appointees of Republican presidents”
“And despite what Tom Delay says, President Bush’s judicial nominees have been held up no more often than Bill Clinton’s”
“I’m starting to think we evangelicals re just being manipulated for political purposes”

Husband shrieks, placing his hands on his wife’s head, “Call in an exorcist. My wife’s been possessed by Nancy Pelosi”

First the cartoon is laden with half-truths and misleading statements. The judges in the Schiavo case were not following Florida law because according to Florida Law, one’s wishes regarding their care and treatment must be a matter of record. Schiavo’s husband, who had been in a long time affair with another woman, had never even mentioned his wife’s so-called “wishes” for seven years.” So the matter of record was the word of a man with a demonstrated lack of integrity and credibility. The judges ruled the way they did because they wanted to; that’s called activism.

Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy demanded that fairness insists these judges should be given an up or down vote. Oh wait, that was when they were his party’s appointments. The fact is, “Democrats set the low record for confirmations in one year in 1989, confirming just 15 Bush nominees and the high record in 1994, confirming 101 Clinton nominees.”

Finally, if you were to remove the word evangelical from the cartoon and replace it with the word homosexual there would be public outcry of bigotry, hate speech and worse. Such are the days in which we live here, in Gomorrah Maine. No matter what you hear, the playing field is not even and doesn’t look like it ever will be. So we keep our eyes fixed on the victory of the “not yet.”


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