May 17, 2005

The Unceasing March of Homosexuality Presses Onward

Focus on the Family’s, Pastor’s Weekly Briefing announced the following”
The Montgomery County, Md., school system is facing a lawsuit over its plan to implement a new program in six schools that would teach junior high and high school students that homosexuality is natural and not changeable. The curriculum also includes a video demonstrating how to use a condom. The suit, which was filed by Liberty Counsel seeks a temporary injunction to prevent the program from being taught.
Excerpts from the program's instruction booklet make such claims as:
· "Most experts in the field have concluded that sexual orientation is not a choice."
· "Religion has often been misused to justify hatred and oppression."
· "It is no more abnormal or sick to be homosexual than to be left-handed."
· "One's sexual and emotional orientations are fixed at an early age ... certainly by age five."
This is just a smattering of course of the kind of indoctrination that is taking place not just in Maryland schools but also in your schools mom and dad. And if you don’t think so, you are not merely naïve, but pardon me, stupid!
I was involved over a decade ago in the Waterville public schools when they were implementing new sexual identity and sex ed courses that do precisely what this lawsuit is trying to stop. I assure you things have not improved over the intervening years. I get very frustrated with the myriads of parents who refuse to believe that these wicked perversions are taking place in their children’s schools. It’s always someone else’s school, not mine.
And I’m going to be honest and tell you that I am through fighting your fights for you. My role as pastor does not include being surrogate parent and surrogate citizen guardian over your community’s schools. So, you’ve been informed and now it’s on your plate. You can ignore it but you won’t be able to ignore the consequences on your children and in your home. The choice and responsibility is now yours.


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