May 04, 2005

Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday was a satellite extravaganza you probably heard something about unless you have been out of the country for the past two weeks. The simulcast featuring numerous dignitaries from both the world of conservative political ideology and Christendom was focused on putting pressure on liberal Democrat and moderate Republican legislators who were inclined to support the democrats strategy to filibuster President Bush’s nominees to various courts rather than allowing them to receive a vote of approval or a vote of rejection.

While the rhetoric is heated with liberals making scandalous charges against the Republican party in general and Pres. Bush in particular for nominating “extreme” right wing judges, the fact is the President’s nominees all have the highest BAR Association rating possible and all represent what is actually the mainstream views of America. So what the liberals are fighting against is the loss of control of the courts which answer to no one since they know they can’t seem to win elections by the will of the people.

So keeping or gaining judges who value truth, law and real democracy is the death knell of liberal, minority ideology. None of that is new but what is new is truly scandalous.

Mara Liason, liberal political commentator for NPR, seemed put out that Bill Frist participated in this “religious event” yet has never said anything that I know of about the myriad of her party’s boy like Clinton, and Jackson, and Gore candidating in churches in violation of IRS code. Democratic Party head Harry Reid, asked of the simulcast Justice Sunday event, “What are people of faith doing involved in this issue anyway?”

Hello? Masa Reid; you’s might not know dis but we Christian’s was emancipated long ago and was giben da right to be involved in da politics of ah nation, Suh.

The fact is, people of faith are being discriminated against simply because they are people of faith Mr. Reid and we’re not going to take it lying down.

We’re sorry that rankles your feathers and that we won’t just shut up and go away but as long as you trample on the rights of America’s citizens who happen to believe in God you are in for a tough and long tenure. Frankly, I’m looking forward to making your life miserable even as you have made mine through your godless world view and values.

Sorry for being an uppity Christian Mr. Reid, but as long as I still have my citizenship, I still intend to act like an American. Like it or not.


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