May 04, 2005

Maine's New Anti-discrimination Law Unnecessary

Did you know that there is virtually no evidence of discrimination against gays in Maine?

This is from a recent newsletter of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

“A recent message posted on the official website of the Democratic Party in Maine claimed that there is no valid evidence of discrimination against gays in Maine. The author of the message stated that “despite numerous inquiries” to the University of Maine system, he was not able to find any “written complaints, investigated complaints or hearings.” He also stated that there were no complaints lodged with the City of Portland, which has a local anti-discrimination ordinance.”

Now is this what you would have thought listening to the media report on the Governor’s recently ram-rodded piece of legislation that is supposed to protect gays from discrimination? I told you several years ago, several times, in my columns for the Sentinel that the whole charge of discrimination against homosexuals in this state is a crock. So why did Gov. Baldacci feel compelled to trample on the citizenry of Maine and impose such a bill when the voters of the state had already rejected such a bill twice before?

It is simple. It is called pandering to what Baldacci perceives to be a powerful special interest group and puts him in good stead with the homosexual lobby of this state. Why would homosexuals want such a bill when discrimination is virtually non-existent? Because every piece of legislation that can keep their special interests in the news makes it that much more feasible for a gay marriage bill to be passed at some in point in the future. It is a means of wearing down people’s natural aversion to the perverse and immorality. And it is working—unfortunately.

And that is why the citizenry of Maine must overturn this current piece of legislation once again. So don’t believe the lies about how horrible homosexuals are being treated in this state. If anything, they are a privileged class whose lifestyle economics are much higher than the average Mainer.

Remember that as you the lies pour forth in the days ahead.


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