May 04, 2005

Christians and Politics--Thnking out loud

The weather this past Thursday was anything but idyllic for an outdoor rally on the steps of the capital. Actually it was horrendous! It had to negatively impact the turnout over all not to mention some of the plans to have petitions available for signing in a down- pour.

Do you ever look at a situation like that and think, “Gee, ya know a little help God might be nice. Whose side are you on anyway?”

There have been numerous occasions like that where the cause of right is being served and yet it’s like we’re not only NOT getting Divine help but almost seems like we’re standing on our own.

I have to admit that I didn’t go to this rally by design. Don’t misunderstand; I have been more active in the public arena than most in this state so it certainly wasn’t because of a reluctance to put myself on the front lines. No, I just pondered the whole rally objective and had to wonder what was the real point of it? What was it going to accomplish? How was this going to serve to overturn the Governor’s ludicrous anti-discrimination bill for which there is no apparent discrimination taking place? It seems like that should be the point of attack but I’ve been wrong before.

And while I am as quick and bold as anyone to allow my faith to impact and inform my citizenship, I guess I question the value of chanting a slogans and singing hymns on the steps of the place where laws are passed. We are blessed to be part of a representative system of government, which gives us the right to express ourselves and impose our values on others, and we need to do so.

But godless legislators don’t care that we are Christians so opposing any law on the basis of our Christian beliefs is totally irrelevant to those not of faith. The fact is, there are plenty of good, solid reasons to oppose the Governor’s bill that have little to do with our belief system.

So as I look at the weather of Thursday I wonder if the Lord wasn’t sending us the same message he sent Zerrubabel, namely -- It’s 'Not by might nor by power, [nor by chants and slogans] but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts. Zech. 4:6

I’m just thinking out loud…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the intent of the rally was to change anybody's view on the issue of gay rights. I was at the rally and I found it encouraging that so many would turn out in support, especially in light of the weather that day. I also believe that it had the effect of getting people charged up and understanding the urgency of getting the signatures required to put the gay rights question on the ballot this fall. In short, I think that the rally was more for those involved in the fight against gay rights than it was for anybody else.

11:51 PM  
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