May 27, 2006

Congress is NOT an Authority Unto Themselves!

I trust you have heard by now about Democrat Congressman William Jefferson, who was videotaped receiving $100,000 of bribe money in an Arlington hotel.
After videotapes, and recorded conversations clearly hammering this corrupt ne’er-do-well, as is the routine, maintains he has done nothing wrong. Actually it’s even more extreme than that for he is irate that the FBI had the audacity to raid his office finding the money in his freezer. Talk about cold cash!
I get such a kick out of the chronically corrupt when they are caught in their corruption. They always manage to huff and puff about how virtuous they are and how deplorable and despicable those are, who caught them.
Jefferson maintains that the FBI had no right to search his office. And in a somewhat odd twist of political mischief, prominent Republicans are also decrying the raid on his office by the FBI maintaining that the constitutional separation of powers (which by the way aren’t in the Constitution) requires the FBI return everything and allow the Congress to take matters into their own hands.
I’m not a constitutional lawyer to be sure but after listening to various legal and constitutional experts and hearing what the various laws really say, Republicans and Democrats alike are both grasping at the wind and are making a mockery of American law and justice.
How have public servants come to the place of such arrogance as to place themselves in a unique and hallowed position where when it comes to criminal law, they think they are an authority unto themselves? Their explanations sound more like someone trying to cover their own turf than any reasoned interpretation of the law.
So I again, remind our legislators, “They don’t have any turf to cover!” That “turf” they fight so diligently to keep private belongs to the taxpayers; those they “serve.” Legislators are not little kings and queens operating their own self-defined fiefdoms.
Ya know I’ve never thought so before, but frankly, term limits and a wholesale cleaning of our government about every 5 years is looking pretty good.
It is time “We the peons, in order to form a more perfect union” take back our country from the self-impressed; self-absorbed; and self-adulating servants of government who now spell service, SERVE—US!


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