February 03, 2006

Spellbound--part 2

Wednesday my commentary mentioned the lingerie shop in Augusta, Maine which has become a national news event and ya know, I’m “spellbound” by the inconsistencies of the human heart and mind.

I stated that the plans to organize a peaceful protest may serve to do more harm than good. I have to admit that while, I still fear that may be the outcome, there are times when you have to take a stand no matter what.

It seems that the depths of depravity have only worsened with regard to Felicia Stockford –owner of the lingerie shop—who employs live models who stand in a window of the shop called Spellbound.

Apparently it wasn’t enough just to passively abuse these girls who are 20-25 by having them display their wares for everyone including school children who pass by on the school bus. Stockford has now taken topless photos and published them to her web site.

In a real stroke of marketing genius, Stockford is holding a “Win a Date with Nikki Contest” run by WTOS radio. “The winner gets a date with 21-year-old Nikki Hunt, the most well-known of the Spellbound models.”

Call me old fashioned, square and a prude but who is looking out for this naïve young girl when she has to go on a date with who knows what? Will it be supervised? Will Ms. Stockford shoulder any responsibility if the date turns sour or worse? One of the strong proponents for Spellbound is a convicted sex offender; gee, maybe he’ll win the contest, won’t that be special?

What really galls me is the lack of outrage by the normally loud-mouthed feminists who decry any notion of sexual harassment—real or imagined--and spit and fume at any sense of women being packaged as nothing more than meat to be thrown to the carnivorous males of our wicked culture. Where are their protests? They’re non-existent.

There will be protests though and you can be a part. February 11th from 10:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. in front of the store on Water Street, people will be gathering to make their sentiments known that exploiting young women with a few bucks and a hollow illusion of importance is unacceptable.

And Christian, if you attend, for heaven’s sake, conduct yourself as if this breaks your heart to see these girls so exploited and abused. They all need a different heart and different mind and only Jesus can accomplish that. Do Jesus a favor and leave your nasty signs at home.


Anonymous Mike Hein said...

Pastor Cripe,

I could not have written two better paragraphs on which to close your thoughts on this issue. You are gracious, generous, and kind.

I agree wholeheartedly that the focus should be on the young women caught up in this sin, promulgated by store owner Felicia Stockford. At 44, she IS old enough to know better, yet will not abate in her immoral actions.

Our prayer vigil should send a message that even she will understand: that we hate the sin, but continue to lover the sinner.

12:09 PM  

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