January 12, 2006

Brokeback Mountain--Just More Propaganda

I expect you’ve heard some of the reviews about the new great “love story” called Brokeback Mountain. Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post Dispatch writes, "It is simply one of the greatest love stories in film history."

What it is really is just a romanticized, and supremely fictitious version of homosexual relationships. Director Ang Lee replaces the reality of gay relationships with his pipe dream of what he wants you to think “gay love” is like.

What would I do if I was the devil and wanted to popularize divorce? I would show a marriage of indifference where a very attractive husband and gorgeous wife have simply faded into different worlds over a protracted time of monotonous routine, and raising a family.

Then I would show the husband coming alive; becoming more “human” as he begins engaging another “love interest” at his place of work where he spends the majority of his waking hours. The wife would likewise become a rejuvenated woman having found someone who pays attention to her and brings out her best.

As the husband and wife realize they no longer love each other, my story would show them going their separate ways yet while remaining best of friends with each spouse becoming not only born again humans but vibrant, attentive parents with the resultant joy on their approving children’s faces.

Things like, finances, visitation, resentment, heartbreak, jealousy and broken hearts never enter Satan’s la-la land propaganda. It’s selling a bill of goods that has no basis in reality.

This is what Ang Lee has done in producing this sympathetic film made with one intent alone. That is to further normalize homosexuality depicting it as wonderful wholesome love between two people who just happen to be the same sex.

Todd Gilchrist wrote, “Brokeback Mountain offers a long-overdue road map into territory often traversed but seldom properly documented; namely, the human heart.”

I disagree: “Brokeback Mountain offers a predictable road map into territory routinely traversed today flowing out of the human heart which, according to God’s word, is “…deceitful above all else and desperately wicked…” Jeremiah 17:9,10

I expect this movie will do fairly well; not because it’s a great movie but because it justifies our culture of lust and cesspool morality.


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Congrats on being in the Top 10 "inspirational" blogs in the Best of Blog Awards! Nice work.

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I didn't know I was! ?????????

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