January 19, 2006

New Bin Laden Tape Confirms What I've been saying All Along

Over the past couple years as the war on terror has endured, you have heard me and others level serious charges of treason against some of our elected representatives for some of the comments they have been making and continue to make concerning the President’s handling of this war.

Of course no one ever takes it too seriously just writing our kind off as radical war hawks who are in lock step with the President on everything he does.

But a newly obtained tape purportedly to be from Osama himself gives new evidence that remarks from our legislators are hurting our country and our soldiers.

Bin Laden “warns that plans for attacks in the United States are under way.” Now I don’t doubt that for a minute but then I don’t believe that is a new development but rather that has been the case since before the war even began. What is interesting about that statement though is that Muslim terrorists are not given to announcing their plans; they take pride in just blowing the snot out of woman and children while taking their own lives.

So the fact that they are telling us they are making plans only indicates their inability—thanks to President Bush—to carry them out. The threat is all they have going for them. It’s the second part of the taped statement though to which I refer concerning our treasonous leaders.

Bin Laden curiously offers a truce on the tape saying, "It is obvious now that Bush has been misleading the people. It is better for you not to fight the Muslims on their territory and we offer a long-term truce."

Now where do you suppose Bin Laden got the idea that Bush has been misleading people if not from our wretched—anti-American—liberal senators and representatives who have been bashing Bush incessantly making all manner of scurrilous accusations to that affect?

You see; aiding and abetting isn’t such a radical charge after all now is it? And, playing on their belief that the majority of Americans are against this war, the master of terror plays right into that telling us it’s better for us not to fight Muslims on their territory…better for who, us or them?

He concludes by offering us a “long term truce;” Can you imagine? I’d rather deal a truce with the Devil—but then I’m being redundant aren’t I?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

::What is interesting about that statement though is that Muslim terrorists are not given to announcing their plans::

Actually, as point of fact, Al Qaeda is well-known for announcing their plans to attack in general terms as he did here. He did in the last one too. And before 9-11, though it was little publicized since it was general like this and no one cared then.

I'm a little surprised that you think bin Laden would not think that Bush mislead the people if no American at all ever said it. Of course he thinks and would say Bush misleads us, because he'd believe Bush was a liar whether an American said it or not. Calling criticism treason seems a bit beyond the pale, whether the criticism was factually true or mistaken.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Pastor Bill said...

When criticism is 1. fallacious
2. disingenuous and 3. endangers our warriors and 4. is voiced solely to denigrate the President at ANY cost in the hopes of increasing his critics chances of seizing power, I call that TREASON.

4:54 PM  

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