January 05, 2006

Longhorns' Coach Brown Really Has It Together

Well I have to admit I am not a college football fan but was still interested in who would take the honors of being called the number 1 team in College football. In a bit of an upset, the #2 ranked Texas Longhorns defeated the USC Trojans who were on a 31 game winning streak.

The reason this story caught my attention beyond the athletic considerations is that people invest their entire lives into something as meaningless as a football game. It is the very worldview—that you eat, sleep, drink, breath and think football—that often compels individuals to such levels of achievement, but at what price?

Well, as I was perusing the news stories on this game I ran across a quote from Mack Brown the coach of the National Champion Texas Longhorns. Remember, it has been 35 years since Texas won the big one and they had the reputation of not having what it takes to do so. Their winning was doubly important to those concerned about such things. So what might the coach tell his players to fire them up for the game of their lives?

Well listen to what Coach Brown said.

“I told them tonight as I told them Monday, I don't want this to be the biggest thing that ever happens in their lives. It may be the best sporting event in your life, and for some of them it will be for sure. But I want this to help them carry confidence later in life. ”

Wow! Now that’s perspective! Sure in terms of athletics this is a big deal but in the grand scheme of things; get real! And how many of you parents, because of your enthusiasm for sports, are setting your children up for an investment of time, energy and money fostering a belief—intentional or not, that they are going to be professional athletes or worse, that their sport is going to give them everything they ever hoped for in life? They have a better chance of being hit by lightening than they do of making it big as a sports star.

Remember the name Barry Clukey? He made Sports Illustrated as the national scoring champ in hockey and he was from right here in Waterville, Maine. What happened to Barry? He never even made out of college sports.

Remember Cindy Blogett? She was another local basketball star who actually did make it to the pros only to sit on a bench for a couple years and then retreated to coaching.

Don’t get me wrong—I love excellence and I am proud of both these young athletes but these are the only two names in the 15 years I have been here that have even come close to actually doing something in professional sports. Don’t sacrifice what is truly important for your children on a crap shoot with odds that are astronomically against them.

Are you teaching your children what is really important? I don’t mean by what you say but by what you do! It’s your lifestyle choices, that teach your kids what you really believe is important.

Guys like Coach Brown are few and far between and so are parents of his caliber.


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