February 01, 2006

Christians Adept at Choosing Wrong Battles (part 1)

Christians may be in danger of shooting--uh, make that, “spearing” themselves in the foot if their reaction to the new movie “End Of The Spear” escalates. I received one of those mass mailing e-mails from one woman who saw the film. After expressing her initial excitement about the film’s subject matter, this was her reaction after having seen it.

She writes: “The average believer should be embarrassed at the dumbing down of the Gospel or anything Christian for that matter.” She went on to express her displeasure with the casting which includes gay actor, Chad Allen, as martyred missionary, Nate Saint, the film’s focus. I will deal with these two criticisms in two commentaries, this being part 1. Make sure you read part 2 below.

The story, if you are unaware is based on the martyrdom of the 5 missionaries who were trying to break into the culture of the Auca Indians in South America. Their reward was to be killed by the very people they were trying to reach with the Love of Christ.

While I have not yet seen the film, here is a different perspective on the movie coming from two seasoned Wycliffe missionaries who have seen it.

They write, “I can see how some would say that the Gospel is not clear in that nobody lays out the Romans Road or the 4 Spiritual Laws during the movie, however there is a clear depiction of what happened in the hearts of the Indians in the way that they generally communicate, using very vivid verbal pictures and a simple sharing of how their hearts have changed.”

Christian, God is really BIG, much bigger than tightly wound formulas like the “Steps to Peace with God” or a well orchestrated altar call to bring someone to Himself. I assure you after listening to hundreds of salvation testimonies over the years, I thank God routinely for His magnanimity in not saving us on the basis of our ability to articulate our journey from condemnation due to our sin to our eternal confidence of being with Him in heaven. Remember we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus not by perfect theology.

As for the selection of a gay actor for the movie, remember to read part 2 below, it might surprise you.


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Blogger Bob said...

Great insight. Thanks for staying away from the mass email mentality. I have not seen the movie but I hope I will. The work of God behind the story was a major influence in my life as a Christian. It taught me some things about commitment that I haven't seen many other places.

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