January 19, 2006

News Flash! Leahy to vote against Alito...

Are you ready for the shock of the month? You better sit down or pull over or make sure there’s padding between you and the floor cuz here it comes.

News Flash-- Patrick Leahy, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, will vote against confirmation of President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.
Can you believe it? Wow, who would have thought that the ranking democrat on the Judiciary Committee, who strained his arms chucking manure bombs at the Supreme Court nominee; and who almost—but not quite—out arroganced Hyannis Port’s favorite son, would vote against Judge Samuel Alito?
Enough sarcasm for you? Patrick Leahy—paragon of open-mindedness as all left ideologues are--was going to vote against this President’s nominee as soon as his name became public.

Leahy himself tells us all why. In his own words, "I'm not going to lend my support to an effort by this president to move the Supreme Court and the law radically to the right…”

What this means is that—if Leahy is right and Alito’s presence IS able to move the court “radically to the right” the Court will still be 3 miles left of center.
Not following me? The court has upheld the “right” to invade your home computer with vile and disgusting spam calling it “free speech;” the right of public libraries NOT to put filters on their computers; have found a right to murder one’s child for any reason at any time during a pregnancy and have upheld the right to extract a fully mature baby partially from the womb and suck its brains out while denying the right of a parent to parent a minor child having a sometimes lethal surgery.

They have found a right to have perverted sex with whomever or whatever and see no problem with a city booting you out of your house for their convenience yet prohibit a city from having a symbol of a church on their city seal and this doesn’t even skim the surface of the barrel of left wing virtues.

This court is so far left it would take a decade or two just to get the court somewhere back to center. Let’s pray to God this time Leahy is right. Just this once!


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