January 12, 2006

Pat Robertson Does It Again

By now everyone knows that 700 Club founder Pat Robertson has put his foot in his mouth recently—again. It wasn’t long ago that he called for the assassination of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez and now he has inferred that the massive stroke to befall Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon “may” have been caused by God in a sort of Divine retaliation for Sharon’s giving up part of the Jewish homeland.
I have seen the clip and Robertson certainly implies that is a possibility also citing the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 who signed the Oslo peace accords.
“Woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the [European Union], the United Nations or the United States of America…" Robertson said.
There are several problems with this not the least of which is making pronouncements in such a public way which, although “possible,” are nothing more than Robertson’s own eschatology emerging with resultant speculations.
Robertson is certainly free to speculate, but for goodness sake, when a world leader lies in a coma, show a little discretion with something which can’t be proven, is very weak at best, and makes the whole of followers of Jesus look like imbeciles.
The book of Joel, which Robertson cited as his foundation for his remarks, is a book dealing with the end times. That in and of itself should be enough for Robertson to be extremely cautious in what he says to hundreds of thousands of unwitting viewers.
I don’t believe, as I have heard advanced, that Robertson is just trying to say something outrageous to get back into the limelight. People who say such things understand the neither the Bible nor the man. But if Robertson doesn’t have the ability to discern Biblical fact from Biblical speculation, and also seems to have lost a legitimate discernment to the sensitivities of global politics, he really should keep his mouth shut.
I am not one for pulling punches and I despise political correctness, but if you’re going to make the statements he has made recently, they better be grounded in Gospel truth, not fanciful innuendo taken from the most difficult and mysterious passages of Scripture.
For the sake of missionaries around the world, Robertson needs to be reigned in, for his own good—and ours.


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