January 25, 2006

Liberal Pastors In Danger of Hemorrhaging In IRS Snare

The old saw says politics makes strange bedfellows and that is certainly pictured in the latest controversy where a passel of liberal clergy have ratted out two conservative, pastors and their churches for alleged violation of IRS rules concerning the mixing of religion and politics.

Thirty clergy from nine denominations signed a letter asking the IRS to investigate what they viewed as illegal campaign activities by the World Harvest Church, pastored by Rod Parsley and Rev. Russell Johnson of the Fairfield Christian Church both of Ohio.

The cited infractions include sharing a dais with Ohio gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Blackwell as well as making personal contributions to the candidate. (For the record, while a church may not make a contribution to a candidate, a pastor may. Just because an American citizen happens to be a pastor, doesn’t mean he forfeits his individual liberties shared by all other citizens.)

Who are these pastors, who run the grave risk of hemorrhaging to death with a beam stuck in their eyes? They are clergy of the American Baptists, The Unitarian Universalists, Disciples of Christ, the Episcopal Church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Judaism, The United Church of Christ, and The United Methodist Church.

All these pastors have one thing in common; they all support liberal social politics, and despise Biblical ethics. Not surprisingly, each of these denominations have been leaders in blessing the sins of homosexuality and abortion to name only a couple hot button issues.

Now for the hypocrisy factor; the Rev. Jess Jackson makes fairly routine visits to Foundry United Methodist—Bill Clinton’s former church while in office--as well as a host of other churches around the country. Mr. Jackson has violated IRS regulation too many times to enumerate by endorsing liberal democrats and outright trashing conservative Republicans. And who can forget Al Gore who also violated IRS regulation by conducting campaign fund raising in a Buddhist Temple in California.

So here we go with more of the same old, same old. Liberals do what they want while demanding everyone else live lawfully as defined by them.

So far, the IRS has done nothing. If they are smart, they’ll leave it that way and start investigating the one’s pointing the finger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Included in your list of liberal denominations (that the thirty clergy represent) you list the United Methodist ''Church''.
What confuses me is, while no doubt our President is man of strong moral standards , he is a member of the United Methodist ''Church''. A little research would alarm believers (or perhaps at least confuse as am I) as they would find that Pres. Bush's Church in Texas is very liberal and has given their blessing to the sins of homosexuality and abortion.
How do you explain this?

12:44 PM  

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