February 03, 2006

Spellbound--part 1

I received notice by way of E-mail this past week concerning a demonstration being planned in the near future to protest the use of live models at the lingerie shop in Augusta called Spellbound. I was surprised to turn the T.V. on one evening and see the story on Fox News.

After seeing numerous photos from various sources and having seen the footage from the news, my thought was, how silly and cheap it made the “models” look who somehow, I suppose, feel like they are in show business. Pity.

But I was also surprised by what a big story this has been. It’s not like the girls—again from what I have seen—are scantily clad after the fashion of a Victoria’s Secret manikin. The young women were wearing more—much more--than what you see everyday on the beaches of coastal USA.

So when this E-mail expressed indignation over the “display of public nudity,” I winced a bit. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with the sentiment about what a shame it is that we stoop to such lows, but I winced more that some well meaning Christians are only going to look foolish—not for righteousness’ sake, but for flailing our swords of morality at so many windmills.

I just think we waste a great deal of legitimate righteous capital on puny battles that are not worth the effort. And the worst part is that the more we rattle our sabers of indignation over the miniscule matters of a warped society, the more marginalized and irrelevant we become to the very masses we are trying to reach.

When a truly large matter arises—like homosexual unions and abortion, and sexual abuse, our rattling is no longer even heard.

This same E-mail did note that a convicted sex offender was strongly in favor of this type of “advertising.” As far as I’m concerned, that says more about the morality of this type of thing than anything we could say. And his words just may be heard if anything will; certainly more than some kind of organized picket.

And NO, it’s not that I’m getting soft or throwing in the towel, on the contrary, I’m just weary of firing wildly into the air making a lot of noise--and hitting nothing.

Maybe some instruction on spiritual marksmanship is in order…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

PB - You are right on this one. While it is very sad to think these young girls think its OK, or even glamarous, to parade in a store window like a peice of meat, it is certainly no worse than the little outfits girls seem to wear to school today.

The CCL looks so foolish though in their outrage. The big issues are where they should spend their time, not these distractions. It makes them look like total kooks, even the nut cases on As Maine Goes are blushing...

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Mike Hein said...

"The CCL looks so foolish..."

To clarify: this prayer vigil is not a function of the Christian Civic League of Maine. It is a function of Christians Lovingly Advocating Decency (C.L.A.D.). While the CCLM does support in principle the ad-hoc local community activists in this case, there is no direct suport that has been given.

Think of it as how the CCLM supports Casinos No! There is no direct support, but moral support, and a certain amount of crossover of certain concerned Christinans in both groups.

Tear us down all you want, but be accurate in your statements please.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray we don't let a fallible human instruct us on ''spiritual markmanship'' but rather stand on the authority of Scripture, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and not going against conscience. I am sure Cripe is well intended, but his word is not authoratative.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon - I think Cripe is right on the money - 100% correct. It is the role of a pastor to instruct us on Scripture, unless you are receiving direct communication from God? You should listen to Cripe and maybe you will learn something.

Mike Hein and others should use some of their energy for good. All they have succeeded in doing is promoting the store and encouraging the actions of he owner, which is sad.

Hein - not to be rude, by why do the pasty ones on As Maine Goes attack you so? Why do people like Dan Billings saw such vicious things?

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should read my comment again, anon #2. We live in age of weak theology. Studies and survey's reveal that a large percentage of those who profess to be ''christian'' are biblicaly illiterate. I don't think we even need the survey's to show this fact, it is evident just from a cursory glance at the Church. I am sure Cripe is a good Pastor but that does not change the fact that we need to be Bereans. Soley from the Scriptures is where Truth is found.
A man expounding upon the Scriptures is always prone to error and interjection of human wisdom.
Either way, my point stands. We don't need instruction on ''spiritual markmanship'' from a man. Where my convictions, and the Word of God , cause me to stand in opposition is where I shall stand.

8:09 AM  

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