February 09, 2006

Peanut Gallery Heard From At King's Funeral

This past week the nation said good bye to another great American. Coretta Scott King, wife of murdered civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, went to meet her husband after many years of separation due to the bullet of a racist executioner.

Over 10,000 people attended King’s funeral among them, many dignitaries of all walks of life including past president James Earl Carter, one of the nations least memorable leaders and currently an aged loud mouth who has apparently forgotten or lost all decorum for conducting one’s self in public.

Carter has been outspoken about the current president in ways that tramples on general civility, deference to a sitting president, as well as common courtesy for another Christian brother. There is an unwritten law that says past presidents will keep their mouths shut concerning the presidents who succeed them. Clinton and Carter both, violate that with abandon.

But this latest outburst by the one term president goes beyond a breach of propriety; it was down right rude and nasty.

As Carter mounted the pulpit at what was a celebration of King’s remarkable life, Carter, in true despicable fashion, used the somber and reverent venue to take an outrageous shot at the President’s use of wire taps to protect this country from another 9-11. He mentioned at one point how the King’s civil rights had been violated by “secret government wire-tapping…” (Courtesy of the Kennedy’s-by the way) and the crowd—just as irreverent as the former leader of the country, hooted and hollered. Very sensitive; very classy.

But what the heck; when you’re a Democrat first and a human being somewhere further down the list, who cares about a silly thing like mourners at a funeral.

Carter was a terrible president, he’s been a terrible former president and he’s a pretty terrible senior citizen.

But President Bush, in typical Bush fashion, used his sense of humor and down to earth demeanor with a side order of graciousness, put the thousands at ease.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

Thank you Mr. President.


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