February 09, 2006

Insipid Cartoon Reveals Much About Islam

I suppose you have heard about the world wide rioting being carried out and all because of a cartoon.

Many scholars of varying faiths have tried to show from the Koran that actually, the militancy of the insurgent terrorists is quite consistent with the tenets of Islam but such statements are viewed as bigoted and certainly not politically correct in this environment.

But the fact is, the violent sieges currently taking place against embassies, police stations and anyone near by, is being done by the “peaceful” adherents of Islam. Islam forbids any likeness of the prophet who, I remind you, was a mere human being even if a “great prophet” according to Islamic faith.

Four people have been killed thus far by the peace loving Muslim’s reaction to a stupid cartoon depicting Muhammad wearing a turban with a bomb in it.

Now here is what is absolutely demonic. These religious people, so insulted over this breach of their faith, are many of the same people who, disparage, defile and denigrate Jehovah and the Jewish faith on a daily basis worldwide.

And now there is a contest—sponsored by the peace loving Muslims of Iran--to see who can do the best cartoon mocking the holocaust. These are the same people calling for the annihilation of Israel and teach that Jews are blasphemers who should all be killed.

But here’s what’s interesting; virtually all your liberal, Christian bashing, Jew bashing media outlets, who can’t offend Jews and Christians often enough--won’t touch this cartoon with a ten-foot turban. These same people who ridicule and endorse, as artistic expression and freedom, as blasphemous a show as there has ever been on television called the *Book of Daniel, are scared to run the cartoon of Muhammad. And guess why that is?

Because unlike Christians who are taught to expect, and endure mocking and ridicule, and to pray for our enemies, Muslims are taught to kill those who offend. And the liberal press is quivering behind a wall of sensitivity on this one.

In all honesty, the cartoon published by a Danish newspaper, was insensitive but for crying out loud, the peace loving Muslims of the world really need to rip that old beam of hypocrisy and hatred out of their own eye first and then they might see clearly to remove others’.

*The show called “The Book of Daniel” has been cancelled but not because of its offensive portrayals of all things Christian including Jesus, Himself, but because it was a lousy show which couldn’t get sponsors.


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