February 16, 2006

Dobson Under Fire--Undeservedly So

Dr. Dobson, a true giant of integrity in a culture of moral pygmies, is getting shredded for allegedly supporting a piece of Colorado legislation being described as civil unions legislation dressed up as a “drag queen in proper conservative blue blazer, button down shirt and red tie.”

First I have to say from personal experience as a public figure who has been airing opinions through the print media and radio for about 15 years, that I feel Dobson’s pain. There’s nothing worse than being attacked and defamed by those who are supposed to be partners in the cause of Christ. Unfortunately, Dobson can now identify first hand with the everyday world of the men who faithfully minister in Jesus’ name being shredded by those they serve.

The issue at hand is this: In the Colorado legislature two bills are pending. The first is a civil unions bill sponsored and supported by the liberal majority of the Colorado legislature. It seems they have the votes, if they so choose, to put Colorado on the map of states endorsing what is essentially, a homosexual marriage bill.

The second bill in the legislature would allow what are called “reciprocal benefits” something that is already allowed under current law. (That will be repeated lest you miss it.)

James Dobson, in typically astute fashion, understands politics—something which I contend, most Christians do not.

So what are reciprocal benefits? They are rights or benefits given to two individuals out of proper “need” arranging--by contract—for—among other things--visitation rights in a hospital setting; rights to a person’s medical information, and dissolution of property upon the death of an individual, to mention only a few of the rights currently in force.

For example, if a grandparent had custodial care of a grandchild, reciprocal benefits would enable the grandparent to obtain medical care for their grandchild. Remember—these things are already allowed under current law.

Why is this important? Because homosexual’s driving argument is that they are deprived of such basic rights as these.

The fact remains, any two people already have such prerogatives if they seek them by contract.

The beauty of this is that the homosexual argument is empty. Never-the-less, such arguments still play well in the public arena where ignorance is king and facts are merely the hand-maid of red faces and pounding fists.

So why does FOF support this legislation? Because this law—already in force albeit in pieces, has no relevance to one’s sexual orientation. The law, which Focus supports, if passed, effectively pulls the rug out from under homosexual activists who like to play the equal rights card which is always their trump card in the game for homosexual marriage.

Dobson knows what he’s doing. In Hawaii, homosexual marriage legislation has gained no advance precisely because a reciprocal benefits bill was passed first.

So you see, Jim Dobson isn’t selling out. This is a brilliant political move emasculating the bulldog of belligerence prohibiting homosexuals from gaining still more ground toward their ultimate goal of gay marriage.

C’mon Christian—use your head for once; does it make sense that a man like Dobson with his history and record would suddenly throw in the towel or make a blatant misstep of such cataclysmic proportions that would play right into the hands of those who stand against everything for which Dobson has dedicated his life?

Doesn’t a track record count for anything? Hang in there Dr. Dobson; God doesn’t call us sheep for no reason.


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