December 13, 2007

67 Year Old Mother of Twins thinking Only Of Herself

Selfishness takes on all forms. Maria Del Carmen Bousada de Lara of Spain got the urge to travel to America to seek medical treatment. That was all her family knew. Imagine their shock when media agencies began hounding them asking them their opinion of Maria's motherhood.

Maria's 73 year old brother thought it was a media hoax. As far as he knew, his sister was an independent, unmarried woman and never had any desire for children. Her reason for wanting children now? She answers with a non-answer-- "That’s life. I have my motives.”

But the medical procedure she obtained in America was aggressive IVF or in vitro fertilization. Maria gave birth to twin sons and, oh, did I mention that Maria is 67 years old?

That's right; she becomes the oldest woman in the world to have children and even her family is critical of her decision questioning her ability to even raise the children. To increase that concern, Maria has just been diagnosed with cancer essentially assuring her sons growing up motherless.

The woman lied about her age when seeking IVF; she told the doctor who took her on as a patient that she was 55. I've seen picture of this woman; she looks closer to 67 than she does 55. Way to go doc. Must have had a boat payment due…

But even if she was "only" 55, in my opinion, with rare exception, that is still too old to think about starting a family. I am in extraordinary health in all ways yet at 54, I am pretty wiped at the end of the day. My wife and I have thought--for fleeting moments-- about adopting and starting a new family now that our children are grown but invariably I look in the mirror at my wrinkles, the shedding hair, the bags under my eyes and say, "Are you nuts?"

There is no way I could adequately parent small children again not even with the help of my wife. And this 67 year old is single on top of everything else.

Forget the rumors about selling her story to the tabloids; one thing is certain. Maria had only one person in view when she made her decision and that was Maria. Yes, selfishness takes on all kinds of shapes and sizes.


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