November 09, 2007

Lazy Preachers Shirking Call to Study the Word

I have really been dismayed for the past several years over what seems to be an essential abandonment of preaching the Word of God. Understand I am not talking about what goes on in "liberal" churches but what goes on in supposedly Bible believing churches. Flip through the channels of the Christian stations on any given night and what you hear being preached is overwhelmingly "feel good" pap with little or no basis in Scriptural reality. And even when the Bible is referred to, it is done so in such a hap hazard way that it is little more than proof-texting with out of context passages used to suit the predetermined conclusions of the preacher.

The myriad of warnings in the book of Jeremiah about false prophets has never been more fitting than it is in today's world of lousy preaching.

So, I was encouraged to receive an e-mail about an organization that is asking preachers to sign "The Preacher's Pledge." It is an on-line pledge committing to the rigorous study of God's Word. You might think, "Doesn't that go without saying?"

Unfortunately, no it doesn't. You see with all the resources online now and with so many churches posting their sermons on line, many preachers are resorting to taking the easy way and "plagiarizing" ready made sermons. There are actually myriad sites where you can pay to obtain a fully developed sermon. In my book, that is unconscionable.

If God has called me to be the shepherd to feed his flock, then He has also equipped me to be the one to obtain the food to give them. The shepherd knows--or should know--the unique needs of the flock entrusted to him and beseeches the Lord of the whole wide world--not the world wide web, for inspiration and instruction. I am afraid that the still small voice for all too many preachers begins with

So if you're a preacher--I implore you to make your sermon your sermon. If you're not a preacher--don't be afraid to inquire of your pastor about the preparation of his messages. We all can get lazy but in this case, we cannot afford to become so.


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