December 12, 2007

Christmas Debt a Real Sin Issue

How's your outgo with respect to your income? It is an especially important question this time of year. Do you really want to be paying for "Christmas" presents for several months into the new year? Somehow, it's hard to see how that would be pleasing to the Lord whose birthday we celebrate.

Janet Hard was faithful to pay not only the minimum payment on her Discover card but paid extra on the balance each month. Problem is, she didn't notice the balance going down much at all. It seems Discover increased her interest rate from an unbelievable 18% to a criminal sounding rate of 24.4%. Back in another era, that was the kind of rate you would get from a guy named Vito who would take your loan application from the back seat of his black Lincoln.

Why was Mrs. Hard's rate increased even though she was a faithful payer? She apparently had other credit cards with some debt on them as well as some others that were inactive. Never-the-less, the availability of credit lowered her credit rating making her a greater risk hence the increase in interest rate.

What was the impact of the interest component of her bill? She had paid $3,478 on her $5,618 debt in the last two years yet only reduced her debt by a scant $350! That should make one groan but more, it should compel the millions of consumers like you, who carry credit card debt to STOP spending what you don't have! For the Christian, it is a sin issue.

How much of God's money is being stolen from him--ie., not going to Him as He demands in Haggai 1:9 and Malachai 3:10. Instead much of "God's money" is going to "The Man" in credit card interest.

If this is in anyway hitting home, you need to not just groan about it, you need to take vigorous action to change it. The first step is to STOP spending money you don't have. I don't care if it is Christmas time, it's a wonderful time to bring this part of your life in line with God's will for you. There is real freedom in not having to spend money you don't have and real spiritual joy. Don't put it off. Do it now--for a better New Year and a peace-filled journey.


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