November 28, 2007

A Nanny State Government Deprives of Life

I have been trying to imagine the reaction of Americans from another epoch to the cultural events of our day. When I consider the heart beat of the forefathers of this nation--I have been reading about them for the past couple years--and the resultant heroic scheme to break away from England, I wonder if such a revolution would ever again be possible. As I read what I just wrote the words "your mad" comes to mind but madness is what I see issuing forth from our so-called elected representatives every single day. (That's a 74 word sentence…)

The forefathers were willing to give their lives for the chance of freedom. It was a worthwhile sacrifice. But we have incrementally traded freedom for an imagined security insisting the government should care for us cradle to grave.

What I fail to see is what is so attractive–-even if it were possible-- about shedding my liberties with a mediocre lifestyle?

I want the freedom to soar which means I also accept the freedom to fail.

The "Nanny State" government has become so invasive that frankly, all that revolutionary flap about "taxation without representation," seems much ado about nothing.

After all is said and done, in our world of 2008, this "free" nation of ours has taken away a bazillion freedoms AND for the most part we still are under the task master of having little to say about how much, where, and on what our taxes are used.

But this is not a rant about taxes. It is a lamentation about how utterly ineffective, and insecure, our land of the free has become. Remember, for every law passed that is supposed to be for the "common good," several freedoms are usually forfeited. But you cannot have it both ways--a land of liberty and the demand that the government will cushion my fall when my freedoms don't play out well.

If there is one difference between those called liberal and those called conservative, there you have it. Guess which one is the liberal view.


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