November 14, 2007

Sexual Conduct Of A Sinful Nature Exacts High Price

When I was working as a Medical Technologist years ago, I used to receive the Morbidity, Mortality, Weekly Report; MMWR just to stay abreast of the latest statistics of diseases both nationally and internationally. It's not exactly fun reading but certainly informative punctuating the cause and effect realities of conduct-related consequences in all aspects of life. One aspect of particular interest to me continues to be in the realm of sexual immorality.

In a very expected outcome, it was reported by the CDC "more than 1 million cases of Chlamydia were reported in the United States last year — the most ever reported for a sexually transmitted disease, federal health officials said Tuesday." Dr. John Douglas, director of STD prevention at the CDC believes the real infection count should be closer to 2.8 million due to underreporting.

The total number of sexually transmitted diseases recorded last year alone was a staggering 19 million! But Chlamydia is of great concern because it is without symptoms early on and therefore is rampant. While people belly ache about the cost of fighting for our safety in the Middle East, you are paying, one way or another, about $15 billion a year for someone's sinful misconduct.

Why the increases? "Public-health experts partially blamed the increase on faltering public-health campaigns…"

That is pretty much code for, "We need to educate our children at still younger ages teaching them about, and providing them with, CONDOMS as well as other contraception.

We see the logical extension of such a mindset working itself out at the King Middle School in Portland, Maine where the school board voted to give prescription contraception to children as young as 11 years old and this, without parental knowledge.

All these years after public education consumed with sex education, few are educating the nation's children with real prevention information that is 100% effective. In so doing, the devil has warped the minds of the populace at large making them believe that to do so is unrealistic, judgmental and God forbid--religiously motivated.

So--Let them eat cake; and let them take a bitter pill to lessen the consequences of God's loving council for life!


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