November 08, 2007

More Lunacy From Our Public Schools

We know our world is going insane so this is just a redundancy of previous lunacy which places it in the "for what it's worth category." In the last three days I have heard of three suspensions of students ranging in ages from pre-kindergarten to junior high who have been suspended for "inappropriate touching." No problem with that on the surface until you find out what constituted "inappropriate touching" in each situation.

One was between friends who on leaving school on a Friday afternoon gave a typical kid friendship hug to their friends saying goodbye for the weekend. It was normal, it was harmless, it was innocent. The second situation pertained to a young lady who gave a friendship type hug to another classmate who had just experienced the death of a parent. Yes, I am serious; these were both reported on Fox News.

The third scenario dealt with a four year old as the "perpetrator" suspended for hugging a teacher's aide. (I'd really like to know if it was the teacher's aide who ratted out the perp cuz if it was, that aide has some serious sexuality issues) School officials sent a letter home explaining the infraction as, "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment."

The father--understandably irate--was able to get the school to change its wording of this heinous offense omitting the wording referring to sexual contact/harassment. I guess the four year old didn't quite fit the description of a sexual predator...

Now for ironic contrast; we revisit Portland 's, King Middle School, which approved a resolution to disseminate birth control--including prescription contraception, to children as young as 11 years old without parental consent or knowledge. Pile on top of that the nationwide pandemic of schools which allow, encourage and facilitate the use of Planned Parenthood information, products and facilities--most without parental consent--and you have to hold your eye balls from spinning out of their orbits.

The thinking behind the actions are irrational to say the least and at worst, it is starting to take on the appearance of judgment along the lines of Romans chapter 1 wherein God says, that a person can only ignore God--or pervert His existence and wisdom for so long--and then He will "give them up" to depraved thinking.

Need I say more?


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