December 05, 2007

Presidential Debates A Total Farce

The CNN/YOUTUBE debates were the most watched thus far. I'm not sure why that was but that is the official Nielsen report. I was so bored with the sludge on T.V. that night, that I actually tuned into it myself. It confirmed everything I had already determined about the debates and I use that word very loosely. More on that in a minute.

What was found out after the debate is that the whole thing was pretty much a scam with audience, questions, post debate spin etc. was all fixed in favor of the party of low morals and even lower metal.

The questions asked were the kind of questions rabid liberals love to ask conservatives. "Do you believe every word of the Bible is true." This was a classic question posed by a YOU TUBE interrogator with verified ties to the party of democrats. And then there was retired Army General Keith H. Kerr asking his question about homosexuals in the military. He has some roll with Hillary Clinton's campaign but of course in good Clintonian fashion the Clinton entourage said he was not acting on behalf of the Clintons--case closed.

Mind you, I really don't have a problem with antagonists asking such questions. If you have truth and common sense and wisdom on your side, then you ought to be able to stand up to any questions from anyone.

But the problem is the conniving way it was all set up and that is a problem because such procedure is not a two way street. There is no even playing field.

But beyond all the deception, the insipid nature of the questions were worthless. Here were men showing why they believe they should be the leader of the free world yet there was hardly anything of substance. And as for the question regarding the Bible; I'm looking for a presidential candidate not a theologian. What one "believes" about the Bible will be readily apparent--not by what one says, but by how one lives.

As for the word "debate" we haven't seen a debate in this country in my lifetime. The farce of asking a question with a whopping 1 or 2 minutes to answer, with a 1 minute rebuttal might work for the MTV generation, but not for the intellectually inquisitive seeking real information with the country's future in the balance.

So, I'm done with "debates" unless I need more material for another commentary.


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