October 24, 2007

King Middle School (part 2)

Even if you haven't heard my previous commentary about King Middle School in Portland you know by now that the geniuses of the school board approved the proposal allowing the dissemination of contraceptives (which includes prescription drugs) to children as young as 11 years old. Contrary to misleading reports, parental permission is not required as long as the child has parental permission to use the school health facilities at all.

Well, Maine is in the national limelight yet again and we are the laughing stock to what is left of the saner parts of the country.

In a moment of quasi-sanity, a proposal was submitted that would allow parents to opt their children out of the contraception aspect of the health program. But even this is fraught with legal issues.

So how is it that this school board can determine to disseminate contraception to under- aged children who they would knowingly be enabling to commit a crime?

In Maine, it is statutory rape for a child under the age of 14 to have sex--period. If the school knows which children are sexually active--which is against the law--they would be accessories to a crime by providing contraception not to mention failing to inform authorities of such criminal sexual activity. In fact, the school--as parentis-in-locus--as they pride themselves on reminding us, should be prosecuted for sexual abuse.

But the proposal would only allow contraception to be given to 14 year olds because we all know that someone who has lived that long is certainly "ready" for sex.

Getting a grip here, it is not normal for a child so young to be sexually active. This means that if they are, their environment--namely their homes and their schools--should be investigated for the type of "education," "recreation," and "entertainment" to which they are being subjected.

Sexually active children so young is indicative of an abusive (even if passive abuse) situation.

This is merely the tip of a very warped iceberg. That we even have laws on the books that protect the privacy of a child 11 years old enabling them to acquire prescription drugs or condoms without parental consent or notification shows how depraved the leaders of this perverse state really are. May God help us.


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