October 24, 2007

King Middle School Sets New Standard For Immoral--and illegal--Public School Conduct

There's dumb and there's dumber. When talking about public education the first comes to mind; when talking about public education in Maine, it's the second! Don't know if you heard what the geniuses are proposing at King Middle School in Portland. Let me remind you Middle school is for children ages 11-13.

From the article in the Portland Press Herald, "Students who have parental permission to be treated at King Middle School's health center would be able to get birth control prescriptions…"

Now before you say, "Well, after all they do have to have parental permission…" Now consider the rest.

The Press Herald reports, "Although students must have written parental permission to be treated at Portland's school-based health centers, state law allows them to seek confidential health care and to decide whether to inform their parents about the services they receive…"

If I were a sane person I would be dumbstruck with muting apoplexy at such a proposal but I have lived in this warped state for too long to be surprised. Do you like the thought of your 11 year old sauntering in to the nurses' office and asking for a prescription drug from a bimbo with the title nurse behind her name and expecting that she will be an expert in pharmacology insuring your 11 year old can even safely take the drug? And since birth control is still a prescription drug, how can a nurse dispense it anyway?

This is a new step lower into the pit of depravity and even if it gets shot down, the fact that it is even considered speaks volumes about those to whom we are entrusting our little ones.

Moral outrage will do nothing; we have seen how impervious our state's leaders are to any sense of a moral imperative. So what it will take is one whopping lawsuit from a parent whose little girl has been injured or killed from this lunacy. Money is all this world understands so we'll just have to hit them where they still have a shred of sensitivity.

Ah yes, Maine, the way life should be." In hell perhaps but not in paradise.


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