October 10, 2007

Limbaugh Flap Shows Who Needs To Apologize

Okay sports fans, last week talking about Mahmoud Ahmidinejad, and his verifiably false statements made while addressing Columbia University concerning Iran's view of Israel, I said, quoting from that piece, "Words so often mean nothing and that is not unique to the streets of Iran."

Well, another case in point that is infuriating because of the level of hypocrisy that liberal politicians exhibit with impunity is the absurd flap over Rush Limbaugh's comment about "phony soldiers."

I have read the transcript from the show and unless the transcript was edited, the only apology necessary is on the part of liberal politicians demanding Limbaugh apologize. Yes, Limbaugh called Jesse MacBeth a "phony soldier;" no he did not call all soldiers who oppose the war "phony."

Limbaugh criticized the derelict Macbeth as a "phony solider" for his anti-war rantings. Liberal politicians, always seeking anything--true or not--that fits their warped world view, grabbed onto the statement with glee. "Limbaugh calls soldiers who oppose the war "'PHONY!" The truth is, MacBeth WAS a phony and in more ways than one.

Claiming to be an Army Ranger winning a purple Heart in Iraq, MacBeth never even made it out of Basic Training. Why did the liberals snatch him up; because he claimed to have witnessed egregious atrocities on civilians by our troops. But all his claims about everything were bogus and MacBeth has been sentenced for defrauding the Veteran's Administration with his claims of accomplishment.

Undaunted, liberals, to whom truth is irrelevant; wanted, indeed needed the kind of anti-American sentiment MacBeth offered.

So instead of the liberal politicians offering a retraction for running with a story that was in fact false, these low-life politicians denounced Limbaugh on the floor of the House.

Think about that last sentence! This is a radio talk show host, not an official leader of the country yet he is being treated as if he were an elected representative. Even if Limbaugh made the statement the way it is claimed, so what? He has an opinion and his own "opinion" show. We still have free speech in this country--well, sort of.

And who is puffing the loudest? The most ardently destructive, anti-war, anti-solider politicians our nation can sport. Democratic Senator John--Swift Boat--Kerry called Limbaugh's comments, "disgusting" and "an embarrassment." Now that's bizarre when you consider all we know about Kerry and the Viet Nam War.

What's next? The depths of degradation have no limits with the scurrilous miscreants of the political left blinded by the illusion of power. But we really do need to get used to it for this is only a foretaste of things to come. Let the public beware.


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