April 06, 2006

McKinney is the Only Racist in This Story

When can you violate federal protocol for safety, ignore a police officer, and assault a police officer and still claim you are a victim? When your name is Cynthia McKinney, and you’re a legislator for the people of Atlanta Georgia.
McKinney blew off Capital police, evaded a metal detector and ignored police orders to stop entering the Longworth House Office Building. The officer in this incident said McKinney was not wearing any of her congressional I.D. and was sporting an entirely different hairdo. Given the fact that these officers screen 30,000 people daily, it does not seem at all unrealistic that the officer didn’t recognize McKinney and grabbed her arm.
McKinney hauled off and punched the officer in the chest. But instead of being arrested for assault which is what would have happened to anyone other person alive, McKinney is playing the race card claiming she is a victim of racial profiling. You see the officer is white and McKinney is black.
McKinney, who is a democrat, has not found much, if any, support from other Democrats as they apparently appreciate the fact that the capital police are protecting their hind-ends in these post 9-11 days.
But the fact of the matter is that McKinney is just a sour woman with a huge attitude and full of hate. This is the fifth incident of this nature McKinney has been involved in. She also complained vigorously that she was requested to give her I.D. to capitol police when trying to gain access to the White House.
Having been to the Whitehouse, I can tell you, you don’t mess around with security issues when you are on the turf of the President. But McKinney thinks she is the exception and woe to anyone in her path.
I don’t know where this will end up; I know that charges are being considered and I sincerely hope that charges are pressed. It has nothing to do with this woman’s race and everything to do with her habitual disgust and violation of the law. If she is allowed to brandish her race as a weapon against law and order, then we have indeed succumbed to a racist reality of the world. That was hardly the vision of Martin Luther King and McKinney, hailing from the birthplace of civil rights, does his memory and her constituents a disservice fomenting hatred toward people doing their job to serve and protect.


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