March 29, 2006

Spellbound—The Final Chapter

Okay, this is one last update on the small Augusta shop named Spellbound. The lingerie store made national news when it started putting live models in the storefront window.

Felicia Stockford—the owner—thought it would be fun, and wouldn’t hurt business either, if she had some aspiring models sporting some of the shop’s offerings. I’m not exactly sure why it was such a big news story that it captured such major news outlets as Fox News, but it did.

As the days passed, and there was a growing sentiment within the community that such a store was not exactly what Augusta needed, Stockford, instead of toning things down, stepped it up several notches. She had a context for a date with one of the models and started posting fairly racy pictures of these girls on her website. What really turned the tide though (my opinion) were two things.

First, people of decency—people with a Biblical faith—began to pray. It was prayer (my opinion) that set the second set of events in motion. It seems the raunchier Ms. Stockford became in her marketing creativity, the more wickedness that percolated to the surface. The model, who was the contest prize, apparently received horrific, vile sexually filled threats from someone who was quite close to the model according to the news reports. That combined with other pressures that came to bear caused Ms. Stockford to throw in the towel. Today there is just an empty storefront where Spellbound Intimate Apparel USED to be.

That’s right; the store has closed its doors altogether. I am not thrilled that Stockford and the girls are out of work; I am thrilled that they will have to seek different lines of earning a living of such a nature that they will not be required to sell their souls—so to speak—or their self-respect.

These women too, are among the masses for whom God took on human form to demonstrate just how valuable and loved these women are. Women for whom Jesus suffered the degradation of a sin filled world so that they need not. I hope some way they learn of His love for them and the liberation—and self-respect--that comes in receiving that love.


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Hello, I have placed a commentary on this post over at Tor's Rants. We disagree on the issue of Spellbound, but agree on the issue of Patrick Stewart, whose religious freedom you rightly defend.



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