March 29, 2006

Teens Rally for Virtue!

Fueled by their faith, teens mobilize BATTLECRY—Taking Stand Against Pop-Culture Forces Contributing to Teen Sex, Drug Abuse, and Suicide. That’s the headliner of the Battlecry website; a youth ministry supporting kids who want to take back their culture and make it a culture of decency!
You may have seen the skirmish going on in San Francisco last week as Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News channel interviewed Ron Luce of Battlecry and Sunsara Taylor, spokesperson for an anti-Christian organization called "World Can't Wait."
The teens were praying for the city of San Francisco when they were met by these counter-protestors who were shouting at them, calling them fascists, etc. It is the primary method of argumentation by anyone whose ideas are so vapid, they have to steer communication away from content and make it pure mindless, passion and name-calling.
Here’s what is fueling the Christian youths--again from the Battlecry website:
“Some forty years after rebellious youth started a cultural revolution rejecting rules and boundaries, American teens are once again challenging societal norms. Only this time, the young rebels are in ‘reverse rebellion.’”

“’We’re sick and tired of pop culture telling us it’s cool to sleep around, dress like tramps, get high on drugs and alcohol, and behave badly,’ said 18-year-old Amanda Hughey from Orange County, Calif., who, along with tens of thousands of other teens, will take part this spring in the BattleCry movement. ‘Life is not MTV, and if we continue to live like we’re starring in those outrageous music videos, our generation is doomed.’”
The kids are fed up with what Ron Luce—the head of Teen Mania calls “Virtue Terrorism.” They are sick and tired of the MTV psychologists defining what is good and healthy and right. So tens of thousands of teens are gathering in three venues around the country to pray and worship.
Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse and you start thinking the return of the Lord MUST be right around the corner the Lord raises up a new generation. In the Old Testament it began with an 8 year old named Josiah. Godly leadership restored the land to become recipients of God’s favor once again. May we be so fortunate.


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