March 17, 2006

Homosexual Activists of "Soulforce" Reveal Their True Intent

About two weeks ago I told you about a group called “Soulforce” which is a group of homosexual activists targeting Christian Colleges around the country. Supposedly their intention is to stimulate conversation to help each other understand their positions and come to a place of peaceful coexistence.

But Soulforce showed up at Regent University in Virginia, crossed a police line and were arrested. At the time of their arrest, according to Citizen Link, each of the 6 protestors recited the exact same mantra to the arresting police.” "There are students across that line, and I want the chance to talk to them,” they said. Of course there were no students on the other side of the line. Their clear, rehearsed intent was to cause trouble and make a media event of their cause.

Now in my previous commentary I said that I thought it was wrong headed of Wheaton College—another Christian college in Illinois--to invite them to their campus for conversation because I believed conversation was never their intent. They want wholesale elimination of anyone’s morals and convictions that are at odds with their own and their own are all that matter! After what happened at Regent, I now stand even more firm on that position.

You see When Regent U. learned that they were one of the targeted universities, school officials wanted to change the confrontation from a protest in to a conversation. The university set up 3 different events “…so that they could dialogue with our students, with our faculty and even with our university officials."

But as Regent officials visited the activist’s website, the group, “continued to falsely claim that Regent was not open to dialogue and not intending to allow the protesters on campus.” The school decided to pull its offer.

Good for them! It is time someone called these people to account. They have no desire to engage in meaningful conversation. They only want to disrupt and overturn all that is decent and virtuous. That is the only way, any society can come to endorse and extol perversion. Your views, your beliefs, and your faith matter not.

I said it earlier and I am saying it again. There is no hint of tolerance or understanding from those who deny their very God-given gender and God-given function on earth and all that it means to be civil, moral and upright. But why would there be? When one denies the most basic of truth concerning one’s existence, nothing else can possibly be expected to fall in place.

So like I said in my earlier commentary, the targeted schools ought to tell Soulforce to take a hike.


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