February 24, 2006

Activists Now Targeting Christian Colleges

In their unrelenting efforts to normalize perverse sexuality, a group called “Soulforce” will be touring Christian college campuses around the country.

According to Focus on the Family, “The purpose of the "Equality Ride" is to challenge policies they say discriminate against homosexuals.”

The group’s opposition will be focused on codes of ethics that require students to refrain from all sexual sin, including homosexuality.

So it’s not just enough that they demand the right to have their perverse moral views accepted; an individual is not even allowed to hold to his own moral, religious views for theirs alone are acceptable. The sexually obsessed advocates of “Soulforce” cannot fathom that, just possibly, there are some people in the world who do not wish to engage in sex for any and every reason with whomever or whatever they wish. Who’s intolerant?

Bottom line? The only acceptable reality to the sexually obsessed is that Christians forfeit their right to hold to their own religious convictions and dogma. This includes not only issues of homosexuality, but all sexuality for anything less is deemed religious and political oppression.

None of this is a surprise. I have been writing on this issue for 15 years and I predicted this sort of cultural invasion over a decade ago as the homosexual juggernaut was just beginning to build momentum. Everyone scoffed at such notions insisting they just want to be tolerated.

So, the bus tour of Christian colleges in underway. Wheaton College in Illinois is scheduled to be targeted this April. College officials responded by giving “Soulforce” an invitation to come and discuss the issues in hopes of discharging one of their cannons; namely, that schools like Wheaton don’t have academic freedom. Soulforce accepted the opportunity—why wouldn’t they?

The invitation is one way of handling this and might even be a wise way in light of the cultural paranoia to the charges of intolerance and bigotry.

But personally, I think it is wrong headed. Wheaton is a private institution; a Christian institution and they need not succumb to this type of coercion under some pretense of open and honest dialogue in the name of tolerance and understanding. Homosexual activists have demonstrated every step of the way, that tolerance and understanding is a one-way street and they are the traffic cops.

Engaging in conversation and exchanging ideas is beneficial in situations where there are two parties who 1. are ignorant of the other’s position and 2. are willing to honestly consider the other’s position. Neither of those is true of the circumstances here.
The presumption is that the Christian view is flat wrong, hostile and oppressive, while the homosexual position is the only viable one where granting acceptance and affirmation is the only just and fair view.

Since I have studied such views at a graduate level and have had dialogue with advocates of such views, and I know their position too well. And I know my position will not/cannot change without a wholesale denial of the very foundations of the rest of my faith; indeed I would have to deny the God who delivered His views on the matter clearly and consistently. And that, just isn’t going to happen.


Blogger Chuck said...

I think that Wheaton's move to invite Soulforce is a neccessary step to engaging in an issue that many Evangelicals are simply afraid of dealing with due to a lack of ability to engage in this homosexuality debate with a good understanding of what it entails. Many Evangelicals have not looked at the scientific aspect of things, and cannot back up their stance with anything other than "the Bible says so." In doing this, the college is not only saying to the world that we are not afraid of engaging in this discussion, but using it as an opportunity to better inform the students who attend *why* we hold the views we do.

Charles Liu (Wheaton '08)

12:16 AM  
Blogger Pastor Bill said...

Chuck, thanks for your comments!
I would take acception though to several of your assertions concerning evangelicals.
Namely--fear, lack of ability, ignorance of science in the matter,
and refer only to the Bible.
I'll grant you that is the case for some, but I don't believe the majority.

Your last statement though--"using it as an opportunity to better inform the students who attend *why* we hold the views we do." may very well trump all else.

As a side note though--if the Bible IS the inspired, infallible authoritative, inerrant Word of God,saying "the Bible says so" takes on new power whether we like it or not.

2:21 PM  

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