March 09, 2006

Lingerie Shop Removes Live Models

Remember Spell Bound—the Lingerie shop in Augusta which made national news when owner Felicia Stockford decided to put live models in the window of her shop. I initially yawned at the story when I first heard but as time went on, Stockford, by her own express admission, decided to keep pushing the envelope of decency. She went so far as to raffle off one of the models for a date with the winning entrant.
In a past commentary about that issue, I said, “Call me old fashioned, square and a prude but who is looking out for this naïve young girl when she has to go on a date with who knows what? Will it be supervised? Will Ms. Stockford shoulder any responsibility if the date turns sour or worse? One of the strong proponents for Spellbound is a convicted sex offender; gee, maybe he’ll win the contest, won’t that be special?”
Well as fate would have it, or if you prefer—the power of prayer would have it—Stockford has decided to end the live displays. And guess why?
Apparently one of the models—the one who was the package of meat being raffled off by Stockford, started receiving phone calls that were so vile that Stockford, who describes herself as "a raunchy woman," said, she "wouldn't even repeat it.”
And lest you start hearing rumors that the calls were from Christians who were protesting the shop, the police know who the caller was and it was someone close to the model.
"It seems like the weirdoes are coming out of the woodwork," Stockford said.
Weirdoes? How about sexually obsessed men, sexually charged by the model’s strutting their stuff for all to see? Is Stockford truly that naive that she didn’t think something like this would happen?
Well, I for one, am just glad that she has come to her senses, at least concerning this matter. And I’m glad that nothing has happened to any of the models who have traded some of their innocence for a few fleeting moments of “fame.”
God would certainly have it otherwise. He loves them, he loves Felicia Stockford; I hope she can get that message someday soon. I’d be happy to share it with her!


Blogger Mike Hein said...

March 16, 2006

Capital Weekly

Spellbound owner pulls window models


"They haven't figured out who did it. I have no idea who did it," Stockford said. "I would never say it was the people who were in front of the store protesting."

Michael Hein said in an e-mail, "I believe the criminal behavior that Nikki Hunt has experienced against her is from someone she knows well, probably a former sexual partner/ex-boyfriend of hers...I hope whoever is found to have committed the criminal acts is charged, prosecuted, found guilty, and fairly sentenced."

Hein said it's absurd that anyone would accuse him or his group of doing such a thing.

"The speculation that anyone I know or anyone from the prayer vigil is involved is completely wrong and unfounded," he said.

Hein went on to say that it's good for Augusta that Spellbound has stopped its practices. "We do not need businesses like Felicia Stockford's in our community," he said. "If she moves to Portland or to another community in Maine and continues her immoral business practices, then there most likely will be community activists that rise up against her."

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