March 23, 2006

Westboro Baptist Church--Sanctuary of the Devil...

This past Saturday Sgt. Corey Dan was laid to rest having given his life in the service of our freedom in the middle east. One cannot express the proper gratitude for someone giving their life, not for their benefit but for others.

Now imagine you are the one burying your precious son who died so honorably and you have to traverse a picket line of lunatics waving signs that say, “Thank God for dead American Soldiers.”

Fred Phelps is the so-called Pastor of the so-called Westboro Baptist Church whose web site is called “God Hates” Phelps and his handful of followers attend funerals of soldiers to celebrate their deaths claiming that God is punishing America for being a “Fag-loving,” (their words not mine) country.

I have never in my life heard a more hate-filled, demonically inspired group in my life and unfortunately because of our hallowed right to free speech, their hatred and vitriol is protected. Personally, I think that ought to change!

The United States Supreme Court determined years ago that not all speech is protected. Speech that foments violence or can cause harm to others is not necessarily protected. The classic example given is that one cannot yell “FIRE!” falsely in a crowded theater.

Some states have passed legislation prohibiting protests at funerals. I think it is time Maine followed suit. These people are rabid, crazed madmen without conscience, without souls and are despicable wretches. I heard The group’s lawyer who is also the daughter of Fred Phelps. Her use of scripture is so twisted and obtuse. Unfortunately hers is a classic example of someone knowing scripture and having no clue about theology; no clue about God.

This sect is stuck in the Old Testament and has yet to understand the role of the Savior in the whole story of the Bible. Theirs is a great example of knowing just enough to be dangerous. There’s more to be said, and I’ll do so on Wednesday. Stay tuned!


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