December 29, 2005

Real Civil Rights Pilfered While Fretting Over Nothing

Remember the melt down? This morning we continue illustrating the point. Certainly you are aware of the fertilizer being hurled around these days concerning the grave situation of the erosion of our civil rights. And certainly you are aware that all the concern is due to the fact that the Patriot Act, signed into law with the help of both liberals and conservatives is now viewed as public enemy #1, at least in the minds of the same liberals who voted it in the first time around.

Part and parcel of the concern has exploded over the non-issue of the so-called unconscionable spying on the orders of the President of the United States. This is portrayed as such a scandal that cries for impeachment are already filling the airwaves.

But this is a REAL concern, you say? Pull your head out of your duffle bag and listen to what even some honest critics of the President are saying. That Mr. Clinton used the same prerogative to obtain information from foreign sources when national security was at issue as did many other presidents. Many juris scholars all have said that Mr. Bush has not violated any laws by sidestepping the FISA Court.

But that matters not when a lust for power under girded by animus for his President rules the hearts and minds of men. And once again, irony, upon irony, none of these same people that I am aware of are up in arms about the real loss of civil rights occurring through the heinous law of eminent domain.

In Connecticut, long time residents are being kicked out of their homes because the city of New London who wants the property to erect higher tax generating properties. Talk about violating civil rights…

What has happened to sanity? That which is legal is condemned and that which is illegal is extolled; sound like the warnings of the prophet Isaiah doesn’t it? What’s his commentary on the whole idea? WOE unto those who call good evil and evil good! Woe indeed!


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